The Seventh Day: Fifth Edition

On the seventh day God had finished his work of creation, so he rested from all his work. And God blessed the seventh day and declared it holy, because it was the day when he rested from all his work of creation.

Genesis 2:2-3

The Seventh Day is a weekly blog carnival designed to provide bloggers an opportunity to showcase their best work and readers a chance to get acquainted with some new sites and authors!

Welcome to the Fifth Edition of the Carnival, featuring a wonderful and diverse collection of articles for your enjoyment!

Self-Improvement / Relationships

Sunny shares Date your spouse, Fight for your marriage from Dandelions and Daydreams. Sunny believes that, “with divorce occurring at a startling rate, those of us who are married must be proactive about fighting for our marriages. There are so many forces trying to pull our marriage apart. If we don’t fight for it, who will?” Sunny’s post reflects the insight only attainable through a long-term relationship.

JHS shares What is Your Legacy? from Colloquium. “What would you say to your family and friends if you were to compose a message to be published upon your death? One soldier thought about that question and extracted a promise from his friend to publish his words if he should die in Iraq. Sadly, that post was published earlier this month,” JHS tells us.

Saedel shares Let Go of Fantasies and Serve Your Purpose from Planet Saedel, telling the story of what he learned through failure. This post is powerful because all readers will be able to relate to Saedel’s hard-earned life lesson.

Kingsley Tagbo shares How To Take Your Business Analyst Career To The Next Level from How to Learn Computer Programming Fast or Get a Job Easily. Take advantage of the offer for a free e-book if you are in the market for a new job or contemplating a career change.

Mark Riffey shares Starbucks’ Howard on the Hotseat from Business is Personal. Starbucks’ CEO is apparently committed to redirecting the company’s focus back to customer satisfaction. Mark asks, “How are you exceeding the expectation of your customers? How will you do so next week? Next month?” Relevant to blogging? Sure. Readers are akin to customers, right? After all, if readers find nothing of value on your site, they won’t return.

Richard Lee shares I’ve Made A Big Mistake from Richard Lee. Richard also shares an important life lesson about the importance of providing top-notch customer service.

Samuel Bryson shares The Philosophy of Happiness – Accepting Yourself from Total Wellbeing. Loving ourselves should be easier than it is. Too often external forces, including the media, impact how we feel about ourselves, but to be truly happy, we have to focus upon being content with our lives as they are.

Joshua C. Karlin shares Reason Why Sales and Marketing – The Power of Because from Marketing & Fundraising Ideas. If you want your customers — or anyone else — to accede to a request, you must provide a rationale. In other words, there is great power in a sentence that begins with “because . . . ”


Stephen Dean shares New Blog Milestone from Stephen Dean’s Copywriting And Internet Advertising Blog. Stop by and congratulate Stephen on his recent success!

James D. Brausch shares Your Natural Genius from Internet Business Blog. You never know when inspiration will strike so be prepared!

Health and Fitness

FitBuff shares Power of the Mind – Much Stronger Than Your Biceps! from Total Mind and Body Fitness Blog. He says, “The power of the mind is a truly remarkable phenomenon, but don’t let books like The Secret fool you into thinking it does everything for you. When you add in action, amazing things will follow! Check out this study regarding the power of the mind, along with a story about how I lifted 50 pounds with my mind . . . ”

Mike Remer shares Celebrating! from My Path To Fitness Blog, celebrating the improvements in his life since he began exercising. As a result, he is stepping up his workout routine.

James D. Brausch shares New Years Resolutions from Weight Loss Dude. Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions? Are you living up to them?

Spirituality / Faith

Sandy Carlson shares Silence from Writing in Faith, a collection of “pearls of folk wisdom on silence.” She explains that silence is “not only golden but also the gold standard of good living–that is, a life of kindness and compassion and beauty.”

vjack shared Doubting Your Faith? from Atheist Revolution. Why is a post from an atheist included in a blog carnival hosted at a Christian site? Because the philosophy here at On the Horizon is and always will be “radical inclusivity.” Christians are called to love everyone, including — and many would say especially — our atheist and agnostic brothers and sisters. The author included this description when submitting his article to the carnival: “This post asks Christians who are doubting their faith to consider a possibility that may be new to them – the possibility that their doubt is a healthy reflection of their rational mind trying to break free from superstition to experience genuine meaning.” Here’s an opportunity for Christian and nonbelieving readers to engage in a meaningful dialogue!

Cindy presents What? from Supernatural Christian. The title of the post is not descriptive, but don’t let that fool you. All Christians should read and prayerfully consider Cindy’s discussion of demons and their impact upon the unsuspecting — including naive Christians. Do you agree with her outlook and beliefs?

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  1. Thanks again, Hopeful Spirit. You’ve done a great job of bringing together bloggers’ ideas in a meaningful way. God bless.

    SandyCarlson’s last blog post..Weekend Snapshot: Manhattan and Jersey City

  2. This is a really interesting site. I will keep an eye on it from now on.

    Michele sent me to say hello today.

    Leigh in Atlanta’s last blog post..Hmm.

  3. Hi, everybody! (Everybody: Hi, Citizen!) I’m a long-time reader of Atheist Revolution, and I’d like to engage in that meaningful dialogue you spoke of in accepting VJack’s post. It’s the same reason I read Buddhist websites, Wiccan ones…I even drop by the Baha’is from time to time. I was born without religion, I converted to Christianity in college, and I deconverted after entering law school, where I am now a 2L. There is so much to discuss about these matters, that I don’t want to bore you all, so I invite anyone who has questions for me, or a particular topic they’d like addressed from my perspective, to feel free to volunteer! Thanks, and I hope we can have a valuable discussion.

  4. Hi Hopeful Spirit! Thanks for including my post, I appreciate it! I’m also glad you liked it.

    I like the way you list down the submissions with a short blurb. It makes it easier to look for topics that interest your readers.

    Thanks again!

    Saedel’s last blog post..YouTube “Video Is No Longer Available” Error

  5. Hi Hopeful Spirit & all! Another atheist here; just wanted to give you my kudos for posting vjack’s article from Atheist Revolution. I really do believe that the key to understanding one another is to extend olive branches in this manner, and commend you for it. I only hope that others, from both sides, follow in your footsteps.

    … muhahahah, hear that, co-Evil Atheist Conspirators(tm)? They’ll be coming over to our side in DROVES, now that—what? The mic’s still on? Oh, sh—*crackle*


  6. It’s so refreshing to see spiritual people not preaching hate for atheists. Thank you for that.

  7. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite blog carnivals. :-)

    Sunny Daydreame’s last blog post..Date your spouse, Fight for your marriage

  8. Thank you for the invitation to your blog and asking me to participate. I am sorry answering that late, I had put your comment in my “pending” and of course forgot that it “pended” there. I think this is a very good idea and I certainly will participate next sunday if nothing special happens, lol !

  9. Well done. If we could have more intelligent dialog and less dogma, the world would be a better place. Love the quote on Atheist Revolution quoting Hopeful Spirit quoting Ateist Revolution. I liked it so much, I quoted the tri-quoted version on my blog! Keep up the excellent work.

    Hugh’s last blog post..Atheist in the Closet

  10. I agree with Kamina. This was very refreshing. God bless you.

    Joe’s last blog post..Should I Go To Law School?

  11. How does one participate in this? Do I submit any post that I have?

    Viola Jaynes’s last blog post..A Wedding Invitation

  12. You kindly asked me to participate and here I am. The link to my post is :

    As it is the first time I participate I don’t know exactly how it works but I suppose we visit each other, right ?

  13. For the time beings I thought you would also take a break on seventh day :-) Thanks for providing the useful links.

  14. This is nice information you have give, appreciated from bottom of my heart.