Carnival of Family Life



Erica Douglas shares Glasgow Science Centre: The Three Bears published at LittleMummy.Com.

cate3 shares The secret to success – learn to work, when you are young published at Why Homeschool.

Matthew Paulson shares More Options for Working Moms published at American Consumer News.

Bettina shares Choosing What’s Best for Your Family published at Life Without School.

Family Cooking and Recipes

Cyndi Lavin shares Apple dumplings for the fall published at Busy Family Meal Planning. She says, “Nothing says autumn like a warm apple dessert!”

Carrie shares Quinoa – The Little Seed That Could published at Carrie’s Creative Cookery.

HowToMe shares How To Bake An Elegant Persimmon Pudding published at HowToMe.

Sharee shares A good dip published at A bit of flour.

Family Crafts and Activities

Jennifer shares October Exploring published at Diary of 1.

Shamelle shares 13 Ideas To Make Boring Jobs Bearable And A Little More Interesting published at Enhance Life.

Stephanie shares Make Your Own Ball and Cup Game published at Make It From Scratch.

Family Finance

Kelly shares Nine More Uses for Used Cloth Diapers published at Almost Frugal.

Debt Freedom Fighter shares 4 Financial Pitfalls That Drive You Deeper Into Debt published at Discover Debt Freedom!.

Money Answer Guy shares An Affordable Family Entertainment for Tougher Times published at The Money Answer Guy.

Amy shares 13 Ways to Save on Gas published at The Q Family Adventure, suggesting ways to save on gasoline.

freefrombroke shares Before You Buy That Halloween Costume published at Free From Broke, offering some money-saving tips that you should consider before purchasing your kids’ Halloween costumes.

Raymond shares The Top 5 Online Banks For High Interest Savings and Checking published at Money Blue Book.

Silicon Valley Blogger shares Replaced Our Old Car: Found The Best Deal On A Volvo Sports Wagon! published at The Digerati Life, describing how they purchased a “car from my brother. It was such a good deal because we got it from a family member.”

The Smarter Wallet shares Why Work At Home? Top Reasons For Staying Home To Work published at The Smarter Wallet.

Family Health and Wellness

Mama Bear shares Our Hospital Stay published at I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill.

Julee Huy shares Morning Supplements published at Discovering Nathan.

Aparna shares Whiten your teeth with these home-remedies published at Beauty and Personality Grooming.

Pregnancy Hut shares 1 Week Pregnant published at Pregnancy Calendar, describing what you should do during your first week of pregnancy.

Stephanie shares A Clean Attitude published at Stop the Ride!

Super Saver shares Miraculous Weight Loss published at My Wealth Builder. “Our family camping trip helped me discover how I can eat a lot and still lose weight,” Super Saver writes.

Family Humor

Toni shares Husby Funnies published at Wifely Steps, describing how “my husband’s silliness keeps me young.”

Jenna Hooker shares Triplets + Twins = Quintuplets! published at Newlyweds!

Family Pets

Carole Gold shares Life and Death published at McKay Today, relating how a cat taught a lesson about life and death.

Matt M shares Pet Costume Giveaway published at The Pet Haven.

Family Relationships and Self-Improvement

Erica Douglas shares Generations published at British Parent Bloggers.

Doug Boude shares On Being Sorry published at Doug Boude, sharing insight he has gleaned over the years.

Family Spirituality/Belief/Worship

Minister Mamie L. Pack shares Is he on the roof? published at The Life I Now Live.

Joe Mueller shares Haiku #3 published at Random Haiku, a haiku about the pain of miscarriage.

Family Travel

Matthew Paulson shares Theme Park Travels: Trick or Treat published at The Travel Advocate.

Parenting Tips and Advice

Joe shares GPS Kids Watch published at GPS Tracking Watches, explaining that “GPS tracking devices can do much more than keep your children safe — they can also enliven their imagination and bring their play experiences to a whole new level.”

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