Speaking of Angels (Volume Fifteen)

“Angels assuage our grief, stop us being fearful, and limit our unhappiness. They reassure us that no matter what happens to us, we are always loved, guided, and protected.”

~~ Ambika Wauters, The Angelic Year ~~

“Speaking of Angels” is a weekly feature here at On the Horizon. Each Thursday, I post a quote, essay, photo or other art form on the topic of angels. If you would like to participate by posting on the topic of angels, leave a comment, including the permalink to your post, so that I, along with my readers, can enjoy your contribution. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Nice project to post every Thursday about angels. I really like the last quote! It makes you feeling less alone.

  2. Jeffrey Aspern says:

    I’ve recently endured a personal loss and feel a bit lost myself. I have not turned to religion in quite some time. I was raised in the Roman Catholic Church and attended Catholic schools for much of my young life; however, as I grew older I became a bit disillusioned as I feel many people do. Recently though I have been walking aimlessly and having a hard time finding joy in life. I live in New York City, in an apartment in Little Italy. Near my home is the Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral. I walk by it quite often but have not been able to bring myself to enter. Perhaps I feel a bit too far gone but I feel like I ought to try. I could use some angels in my life right now.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for sharing the photograph. Angels certainly will always protect us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When I was young, the thought that there is an angel guarding me made me fall asleep sleep faster. I agree with the other comment that it makes you feel less alone.

  5. College Reviews says:

    This seems an angelic post. 😛 Thanks a lot for the post.
    It made me believe there were really an angels that who always guide and protect us wherever we are.. I love this quote.!

  6. hit my 300 just before making my way to your blog, sorry unable to drop today, love the photo in the graveyard, it has such a feel to it. Nice artistic eye you have.


  7. One day when I was walking aside the river bank, I saw a little puppy struggling for his life trying to swim on the dry land. The puppy fell into the water just few minutes after my arrival in the bank. Though my head was filled with head breaking problems after heavy job projects, the first thing that had come up was to save the puppy. After lifting the puppy out of the water, looking the puppy in the eye, I felt a different kind of happiness which had made my heavy heart more lighter. The point is, I did not just save a life of a puppy but I also felt the blessing of saving a life, and that brought me a lighter heart despite my problems. Though I may feel so depressed at times there are things that makes it lighter, and I felt happiness every time I do it. Could I be an angel for myself at times?